Excited About Staying in Hotels

This may sound corny, but one of my top four favorite things about traveling is staying in new hotels I’ve never stayed in before. It might be because I’m a hotel owner myself and get to learn or criticize how other hotels are managed but I think it’s more because I just love staying in a fresh room with service, knowing I’ll never stay in that room again.


I don’t think I’m alone in this because there’re forums online that talk about the same thing, and people travel just to stay in famous hotels. It’s quite cool. In Canada there aren’t that many famous hotels because most of them are in the Middle East, Asia or Europe, which is understandable because most of them are hundreds of years old and Canada itself is only hundreds of years old.

My other three favorite things about traveling though are planning tourist destinations, eating in popular restaurants and visiting the ocean. Whenever I get the chance to get on a boat I do it, especially if the dock is in view of my hotel window because I get to reflect on it after with a glass of wine, which is usually when I’ll be writing. Ah, speaking of writing I hope you’ve been enjoying our blog. If you liked this post, click here to check out this one too because it’s all about the joys of staying in hotels.

In the near future I have some other amazing content for you guys so stay tuned!