Get Rid of Your Old Clothes This January!

If you are in a position to get some new clothes in January 2021 or have a lot of old clothes in the closet or kids’ closets that you know no one in the house is going to wear anymore, then now is the time to help others in need and give the clothes away to your local charities and thrift stores.

Running a boutique of used clothing is hard when no one donates clothing, and with social distancing rampant in urban populations around the world right now I bet a lot of struggling thrift stores are getting way less inventory.

Also, random objects in your home can be donated, so people in houses without those objects can easily afford them. I remember when I found a blender in a thrift store for $15 and I was so happy because I needed one really badly. It was an older blender that would have sold for maybe $60 brand new but I was able to use it in my apartment and saved a lot of money at the time when I needed to.

So think about it. After all, you have to let go of the old to let the new come in, and I find that every time I give a lot of stuff away blessings come into my life.