What We’ve Learned from Mold Removal and Appliance Repair

Our business model of having a boutique hotel is a lot different than many of the business models we’ve already discussed, those being: mold removal and appliance repair. By not only discussing them but buy working with them as well, ordering their services for our business, we’ve learned a lot about them and today it’s time to appreciate all we have learned so far.

We’ve learned that although tow business models can be extremely different, the foundation remains the same: serve your customer. For mold removal, they serve us by remediating mold. For appliance repair, they serve us by fixing appliances. Both of these are very different then letting a guest stay in a hotel room. But we still serve our customer.

In other cases, a business model might not be to serve a customer outright, but rather to provide a product. If this product is of value, however, like selling a domestic dishwasher, then it’s still serving the customer. Providing a great product, like used clothing in our boutique, is still serving the custoemr and has the same busienss foundation as mold removal or appliance repair.

We will continue t keep learning as we expand our business in Canada, and we hope you learned something too!