About Our Blog

Welcome to the Boutique Hotel Blog!

Me, your author, writes here to express my passion for the hotel industry and buying and selling women’s dresses. I recently moved to Canada where I hope to soon grow a business, the foundation of which has come with me from Turkey and family in India. I miss living in Turkey everyday. I miss visiting India, but I’m so glad Canada is my new home because there’s more opportunity for a middle aged person like me to start fresh.

I already know how to run a hotel. I already know how to design a good boutique. But I’m new to blogging. At my blog, you can expect to find me writing about everything other hotel owner’s don’t usually talk about, like why you should trust a professional for appliance repairs or why you should spend good money for top-quality landscaping services on your property. There’s so much to consider, and so I look forward to exploring it all with you.

Thanks for being here!